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Enterprise Solution

Our subscription management and billing platform IXOPLAN is the result of more than 20 years of expertise in the field of digital goods and services, and is capable of depicting even the most complex plans. Configure and scale customer retention strategies, dunning processes, coupons, special offers, individual landing pages and member areas down to the finest detail, and roll them out without a deployment process. Payment processing via IXOPAY and a wide range of integration options for third party marketing tools make IXOPLAN the leading billing solution for recurring business models in any industry.

For New and Established Brands

Easily launch new eCommerce projects with minimum effort with IXOPLAN, or simply monetize your existing end customer data more efficiently by migrating to our platform. Our development teams are able to easily transfer your existing records - which will have grown organically - to IXOPLAN, without compromising any information. Our many years of experience in migrating large data sets guarantee sustainable business processes and a smooth technical upgrade. IXOPLAN is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution hosted in our own redundant data center.

Flexible Front and Back End Integration

Integrating our platform with an existing front end is easy using the IXOPLAN public API (backend-only onboarding). Alternatively, you can quickly deploy IXOPLAN’s proprietary Frontend Application Server Technology (FAST), delivering a complete one-stop solution for both your backend and frontend. FAST makes it child’s play to customize your landing pages, bundle specific traffic, configure subscription plans and define associated payment methods.

Frontend Application Server Technology (FAST)

The easy-to-use FAST editor lets your marketing team quickly create new offerings and plans, optimize your content and deploy changes to your live system without requiring in-depth technical knowledge. Our in-house technology delivers high performance and quick global deployment of static data via our integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network). Work locally on your workstation/IDE of choice or remotely using our custom developed web client.

Third Party Integrations

IXOPLAN is a fully modular system that can be extended with additional third party services and brand-specific APIs on demand. We have already integrated a large number of third party solutions, including kissmetrics, mixpanel, Customer.io, MailChimp, PostAffiliate Pro and many more. Contact us for more information on the more than 200 different third party integrations currently in live use – we will be happy to advise you further. If you are unable to find the service you are looking for, our experts can integrate it for you in record time. You also have out-of-the-box access to the full catalog of IXOPAY adapters.

Maximize Profits with Intelligent Plan Management

Create and manage SKUs with numerous upgrade and downgrade strategies, varying sign-up flows, customer-specific coupons, discounts, one-off fees, free trials etc. and reach out to your customers with the right offer at the right time. Give them a choice between multiple subscriptions and offer your products and services in combination. This makes up-selling and cross-selling a breeze and helps reduce churn rates. All metadata concerning a plan can be stored and managed in any number of languages.

Quickly Configure Free Trials with Payment Data

Free subscriptions are a favored marketing tool for introducing potential customers to your products and services in order to engage with them using targeted marketing measures (individual plans) and convert them to paying subscribers. IXOPLAN allows you to easily configure free trials and determine the length of the trial period. If you require payment data to be entered initially when using free versions, in order for this information to be used for later payments, this is handled seamlessly by the included PCI Vault.

Flexible Billing Models

Subscription plans are complex and multi-faceted, just like your payment periods and billing models. Be it weekly, monthly, yearly, volume-based or time-based payment models, IXOPLAN supports you with correct and timely billing management. Offer your customers the ideal payment model or combine multiple payment models with one another, for example via an add-on that extends the main plan with additional features. Reach out to your subscribers by offering them the best possible model and thus maximize your profits. And of course we support prices in multiple currencies, meaning you can offer your plans worldwide.

Improve User Engagement with the IXOPLAN Event Engine

The Event Engine allows you to create automated workflows for your projects in an intuitive web editor, and to draw logical conclusions based on the behavior of customers. This allows you to react to specific events with the correct response.

Custom Plans for Your Customers

All events and user activities (refunds, upgrades, downgrades, redeemed voucher codes etc.) are stored and can be used as triggers for the Event Engine. This allows you to identify patterns and draw logical conclusions from them to guide future marketing activities and create plans for specific target groups. The Event Engine’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy to add and configure new rulesets in a matter of minutes. For example, you could define a discount code that is sent to a user who cancels during the payment process. Automatically sending out predefined messages in a timely manner increases customer retention and helps entice customers to sign up for alternative offerings.

Retain Customers with Retries, Dunning Processes and Reminders

Add individual dunning processes to efficiently bind your customers to your service for longer. Out platform provides insights into key data, allowing you to easily analyze the usage behavior of your customers, ensuring that you are offering them with the right plan and are engaging with them in the right way via email, text messages, member area notifications etc. IXOPLAN also makes it easier to monetize your customer base; for example, if a customer’s payment is refused, you can configure IXOPLAN to automatically attempt to process the payment again after a specific number of days. Only then is the first reminder email sent if the payment fails again. Similarly, you can use the error messages received from your PSPs as a basis for offering alternative payment methods or to change the billing interval, as IXOPLAN always has access to up-to-date payment data from the IXOPAY platform.

Provisioning Customer Services

IXOPLAN’s modular architecture and web hooks support the provisioning of a huge array of services, vastly simplifying cross-selling and up-selling between different product categories. No matter what products and services you are offering, our team can integrate custom APIs of any type during the onboarding process.

Customer Retention Measures: Coupons, Discounts, Special Offers

Discounts and special offers such as holiday specials are commonly used to upgrade existing customer subscriptions. Use IXOPLAN to create special upgrade strategies and send out suitable notifications with the corresponding coupons and discounts to the right leads. IXOPLAN eliminates the complexity from managing coupons and vouchers, offering a centralized platform that is capable of reacting to all forms of incoming traffic. A wide range of activities are stored, such as the payment method used to purchase a particular product, allowing you to subsequently measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in the dashboard and to generate reports.

Global Payment Methods – Payment Integration Made Easy with IXOPAY

Enjoy the benefits of working within the IXOLIT ecosystem and combining IXOPLAN and IXOPAY. By integrating the two platforms, you gain full out-of-the-box access to the full catalog of IXOPAY adapters (over 200 international and local payment methods, as well as a wide range of acquiring banks worldwide) and PCI Vault (Bank and PSP-independent storage of credit card information). You are free to add further functionality, such as smart transaction routing and the IXOPAY Risk Management Engine, to tap into the full potential of the interplay between the two platforms.

Highest Security Standards

GDPR-compliant storage of your data (setups, plans, sign-up flow strategies etc.) and data security are the foundations of your business success. 24/7 monitoring, hourly backups and continual security updates at our redundant data center ensure the best possible protection of your brand. A finely granular roles and permission model allow you to determine exactly who can view and edit the details of your subscriptions. Our long-term investment in our own PCI DSS Level 1 certified environment is another step taken to ensuring we adhere to the highest global IT security standards.

Customizable Dashboard with Key information Visible at a Glance

Keep an eye on your subscriptions and turnover with the intuitive dashboard, which makes searching for user data and information relating to payments a breeze. All information on your subscribers is stored within the platform and can be accessed immediately. You thus have immediate access to all your customers’ subscription and billing details and can draw conclusion about trends, marketing activities and buying behavior in order to further fine-tune your future offerings and improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

View Realtime Revenues On Demand

Create custom reports and analyses in IXOPLAN, monitor this data in realtime in the clearly laid out interface, or export the information to an Excel or CSV file. All relevant data (payments, user data, subscriptions, history etc.) can easily be queried using our dedicated BI API, supporting complex asynchronous business intelligence queries in your reporting tool of choice without impacting on the performance of the live database.

Professional End Customer Support

As with all solutions in the IXOLIT ecosystem, you can choose to benefit from our customer care team of experts. Available to support your end customers 365 days a year, our team is fluent in 5 languages. Our team members undergo constant training and education, meaning they have in-depth knowledge and are able to answer brand-specific customer inquiries within 12-48 hours.

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