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Why our technical and customer support has a human heart.
October 29, 2020 | Expertise

From the beginning IXOLIT has made sure that it offers exceptional client service. This support has improved the experience for our customers, who come from all over the world and in different shapes and sizes: we serve large international organisations as well as those who provide more niche services. But there is one thing they all have in common: they are staffed by human beings. And each one of these employees has their own set of individual needs and expectations. Which is why this year we took a big leap in our development and celebrated the huge milestone of offering 24/7 support in our Network Operations Center (NOC). So it doesn’t matter if you are based in Tokyo or Montreal, there will be someone at IXOLIT to help you. 

At IXOLIT we offer client and technical support for IXOPAY and technical, client, and end customer support for IXOPLAN. But what is the difference between technical and client support?

  • Client support is the service that manages the more administrative side to custom enquirers. End customer support is when we help solve issues with our clients’ customers. 

  • Technical support involves experts who answer the customers’ technical questions, especially in regard to installation or any other issue preventing the customer from using our services.

However, both teams are incredibly important and form our Network Operations Center (NOC), which keeps IXOPAY and IXOPLAN running smoothly. It is the heart of IXOLIT, and it aims to provide exceptional service that leaves the IXOPAY and IXOPLAN clients feeling supported and in good hands. As we have clients from all over the world, we thought it was essential for their user experience that they could get the human support they need, when they need it. Our team also speaks a combined total of 14 different languages, and they are all fluent in English.

What does the NOC team do?

Our NOC team is the first line of support, and they respond as quickly as they can to all the questions and queries that come in; generally each member of the team will answer on average 150 tickets per shift. They also run maintenance checks, and investigate performance issues on the clients behalf. However, they are not just reactive, they are also proactive. In fact, our team – of tech-savvy experts – works hard to spot potential issues early by running checks on client set-ups, platform performance, and monitor payment gateways to make sure there are no blockages. 

This level of service means that our team can fix bugs before they escalate, and our clients know that – no matter what time it is – if they don’t understand something or if there is an error which is affecting their business, they can pick up the phone and get the assistance they need. There is something deeply frustrating about not being able to get the support you need and not being able to fix the problem yourself. We work hard to make sure our clients never feel this way. 

Hassen Jemai
"My team works around the clock in order to provide meaningful support for clients. With their strong technical knowledge and collective language skills, they are a unique resource that augments the client experience."
Hassen Jemai
Customer Care QA Manager

The reason we take such pride in our NOC team is simple, when our clients do well, we do well. It is far better to have a business that forms a relationship with a client than to put all of your energy into finding new customers: Our longest relationship is currently 13 years and we look forward to many years to come. That is why we take every precaution necessary to ensure that our systems are performing as they should. To find out more about IXOLIT contact our sales team.

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