IXOLIT's Journey Continues at Full Speed

May 16, 2019 | News

Staying true to our motto of “full speed ahead”, we kicked off 2019 with a project to completely refresh IXOLIT’s corporate identity after 18 years in the business. This was not merely a re-design of our logo, but a consolidation and harmonization of our product suite and of course a new website. Let’s look at the details:

Our new Corporate Design

We are a young, modern company offering State-of-the-art products and services. So far our corporate design had evolved organically along with our products. It was time to take the next step, dig deep into the color palette and re-shape the presentation of our products to better highlight and communicate their versatility, value and functional depth. The result can be seen in our new corporate design: colorful and varied, just like our team & product suite.

Our Products & Brands

IXOLIT’s unique product suite is fully integrated and covers all aspects of running a successful eCommerce business. In order to highlight the flexibility of our products and underscore the deep industry knowledge we have acquired over the last 18 years, which guided the development of our products, we decided to not only update our color scheme but also to harmonize the product names and logos.


We have been supporting national and international customers from a multitude of online verticals for close to 20 years. Our unique product suite offers everything that is needed to build a successful eCommerce business. This tight integration of our products is represented by a new design element, the red hexagon, which is combined with other colorful hexagons representing the individual products within our suite.


Our flexible and independent payment platform keeps its name, but shines through a new logo. Our PCI-DSS-certified platform, featuring functionalities like Risk Management, Smart Routing & Cascading as well as a quickly growing catalog of payment adapters let you offer the best-suited payment methods to your customers around the world, helping you increase conversions and keeping transaction fees low.


IXOLIT’s Content Management Framework “kiwisuite”, now in its 4th generation, was renamed to IXOCREATE. This latest release improves and extends the user-friendly content management functions and eases the creation of complex web applications such as online shops, dynamic websites and applications.


Our highly scalable Subscription Management Platform “dislo” was renamed to IXOPLAN and re-branded with a new Logo. IXOPLAN is the perfect platform for your individual subscription-based business model. From sign-up flows, customer retention strategies, voucher & discounts management, complex dunning processes and customizable landing pages and members areas, every detail of the platform can be configured to the most minute detail, scales with your business and can be deployed without any infrastructure requirements on your end.


Our custom Promotion Platform has been in use for many years to support our customer’s campaign management needs and now shines with a new name: IXOCARE. It is the perfect solution to implement promotional campaigns such as cashback, loyalty marketing & programs, incentives and bundle promotions.

Our new Website

The main goal of launching our new website is to give you a better overview of our product suite, its features and benefits. We will regularly publish news, success stories, invitation to industry events, announcements of new features and background information, to keep you fully informed of developments within the IXOLIT group and its products.

An overview of our history, the development of our company and the people behind its success is presented in the following video:

IXOLIT Group in 80 Seconds

Last but not least: Have fun discovering our products IXOPAY, IXOCREATE, IXOPLAN and IXOCARE and the wealth of features they offer!


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